The Process

Our Process is Based on Simplicity and Your Convenience

Whether you send an email, upload to our portal or bring your data in person to our office, the process starts with you giving us copies of your relevant tax documents (W-2 form, Interest income (1099 Int), mortgage interest ( Form 1098) etc.). If you are new to our practice, we will ask for a copy of your prior year return to get an understanding of your tax profile and gain a detail list of items to look for in your data.

We employ the use of tax organizers, which will give you a list of items to include in the package that you give us for preparing your tax return. Our aim is to make the process as easy and painless for you as possible.

If upon review of your tax documents we discover items that may be missing or unclear we will immediately contact you to request either the missing documents or solicit an explanation of anything we do not understand. We will follow up with you every other day unless you have arranged a different deadline.

When we receive the requested items we will confirm receipt of the same and give you an estimated delivery date for sending you a draft copy of your return to review.

When we send the draft copy to you it will be encrypted and password protected, whether it is uploaded to our portal or just emailed. Once you have reviewed and approved the return we will send you efile permission forms, which will be electronic signature format so that you can sign them directly with your touch pad or mouse. We are required to get the forms signed before we can file your return electronically.

In addition to the efile forms we will email you our invoice for preparing the returns. After we transmit the returns to IRS we will get an electronic acceptance notification (this comes usually the next day but could take longer as we approach the filing deadline of April 18, 2016. We will upload a copy of the acceptance to our portal (or email, if you wish) so that you have proof that your return was filed and accepted.

We are available all year long for questions or planning opportunities.