Tax and Audit Services

Individual Tax Returns

We offer over 40 years of experience and the personal attention that a larger firm cannot. Our approach is professional and straight forward.

Personal attention means we look at your situation and take the time to get to know you. We ask lots of questions and then we listen. Additional deductions have often been discovered from asking questions that are seemingly unrelated to income taxes.

Our capabilities do not end with the preparation of the income tax return. We have represented clients in IRS audits through the Appellate Division since the mid-nineteen seventies.

We are constantly expanding and improving our knowledge through continuing professional courses and seminars. We subscribe to five different sources of tax news and developments.

“Mike has been advising me for almost 15 years now. I say advising because he does more than just complete my taxes. Through the years I’ve bought/sold numerous properties and had many financial ups and downs that Mike has assisted me with. I have recommended him to many many folks over the years and will not hesitate to continue doing so. He’s hilarious as well!”
Rob R. – Washington D.C.

In-Person and Remote Nonprofit Audits

In addition to working with nonprofit clients, Michael has also served in a number of volunteer leadership roles. Most recently, he served as the Finance Committee Chair for the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and is a Board member of the Writer’s Center. In these positions, Michael has been on the receiving side of the audit process and has developed an appreciation for the volunteer nature of nonprofit boards.

Our firm has advanced analytical software that identifies trends, pinpoints problem areas, and benchmarks the performance of the nonprofit with reference to similar nonprofit organizations. We are also skilled at remote audits, particularly for churches.

We believe communication is the key to a successful audit. No one likes surprises and we make every effort to keep management and key personnel informed of any important findings as they develop.

As part of our audit, we attend the Board meeting to present the results of our audit, explain the findings, and answer any questions from Board Members.

We have written a brief paper which describes the audit process. It is designed for Board Members who have not been through a Financial audit before and tells them what to expect. Contact us for a complimentary copy of the paper.

Small Business Consulting and Tax Planning

Our approach is that we act as the part-time CFO for the small business. We try to think as though we were the owner. We take a keen interest in not only minimizing costs and taxes but are also interested in advising the small business owner on ways to increase business.

We have programs that will not only assist in analyzing the financial results of the small business but will benchmark the business with reference to other businesses in the same industry.

“He is an excellent and efficient accountant. He is up to date with all the relevant information and takes his time to review your case. His knowledge is comprehensive and it does not matter how difficult your case is, he is up to the challenge. He is also friendly and personable. Mike has my highest recommendation.”
E M. – Washington, DC

International Tax Issues

Michael has spent over fifteen years consulting in the area of the Foreign Real Property Tax Act and Branch Profits Tax for foreign-owned companies doing business in the Washington, D.C. area.

Washington is a very international city and many of our clients work overseas at some point in their careers. Issues arise not only from a foreign tax aspect, but the tax treatment of your DC-area residence and the prospect of renting it during your absence gives rise to the need for advanced planning. We can advise you and prepare your tax returns before, during, and after your overseas posting.

We have developed a broad knowledge of tax issues with both treaty and non-treaty countries.

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