Remote Church Audits More Commonplace

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If your church is required or prefers to have an audit, conducting the process remotely helps to reduce stress, while accomplishing the same goal—a high-quality audit.

It’s important to know that a remote audit adheres to the same obligations to comply with standards and to deliver a high-quality audit as if done on-site.

To conduct a remote audit, several technological and traditional methods would be used in combination, such as:

  • Videoconferencing, which comes in handy when conducting interviews, as well as viewing documentation. It also aids in identifying visual cues that would normally be observed during an on-site visit.
  • Secure Web Portal is critically important for secure document sharing. Because of security considerations, email is an unsafe way of sharing sensitive information, such as financials and personal information about employees.
  • Communication channels are very valuable in a remote audit. In fact, I may ask more questions, request additional meetings, and/or require extended documentation review time.
  • Verification procedures will be increased when confirming where video conferencing is taking place, such as the security or screen footage of the company location, or original, final documentation shown on screen or in a photo.

Remote Audit Benefits

Please keep in mind, there are several benefits to conducting a remote audit, not only during the pandemic, but also whenever an audit is needed or required, including:

  1. Saving time and money;
  2. Avoiding time to travel, as well as its costs;
  3. Reduced or eliminated need for conference room space; and
  4. Increased access to the technology auditor’s needed.

The bottom line is that during these challenging times, conducting a high-quality, remote audit is a viable solution. One I think you should seriously consider.

As you prepare for your audit, I’d like to share these three articles with you:

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