Identity Theft Checklist – Action Steps for Recovery

Febrey-ID-Theft-Checklist-cover Identity Theft Checklist - Action Steps for Recovery
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Identity theft is a complex and evolving threat, and one that costs U.S. citizens billions of dollars annually. Without question, it is one of the most pressing challenges facing our country. Unfortunately, the problem is growing, and fraudsters are always looking for new ways to steal confidential information to commit crimes. As your trusted adviser, we understand your concerns with identity theft and take every precaution to keep your personal information safe.

There are numerous types of identity theft. For example, a thief could steal a wallet and use credit cards to make illegal purchases, or obtain information to file a tax return on behalf of a taxpayer to claim an illegal refund.

Should you ever find yourself a victim of any type of identity theft, the Identity Theft  Checklist will be your guide. It outlines specific steps you should take to help mitigate the damage of identity theft, including:

  • Closing credit cards,
  • Filing a police report,
  • Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission,
  • Addressing matters with the IRS, and more.

For tax-related identity theft matters, we are here to help, whether it’s contacting the IRS to ensure your payments are properly credited to your account, helping to retrieve a refund issued to the wrong person, or responding to IRS notices.

Feel free to call our office to discuss your situation and to see how we can help. Download the Identity Theft Checklist – Action Steps for Recovery document now by completing the form below.

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